Kopita® - Open your Wine

Kopita® is a quality plastic wine glass, which comes sealed with an easy opening for direct drinking (Ready To Drink). By not using glass, our wines can reach places where wine never arrived, such as outdoor events, concerts, festivals, trains, airplanes, mini-bars hotels, etc.

Its capacity is 187 ml, a traditional bottle of 750 ml, so 4 Kopita® would be a bottle. This amount of 187 ml is equivalent to 2 traditional glasses, is the one recommended as maximum daily / adult consumption of Wine in moderation. We are members of this initiative of the European wine sector to promote moderation and responsibility in the consumption of wine, we consider that wine a taste for moderation.

1 Kopita® 187 ml = 2 traditional glasses

4 Kopita® = 1 bottle


Among its main benefits we highlight:

  • The perfect solution for any part where glass is forbidden
  • Quantity controlled and moderate.
  • It doesn't require extra glasses (less dishes), besides our glass can be reused.
  • Easy opening (without using corkscrews, plug breakage, etc.), reducing the time to serve.
  • No glass wastage.
  • 100% recyclable, the PET is totally recycled respecting the environment.
  • Unbreakable, it weighs less than glass and is easier to carry.
  • The wine is always fresh, it does not heat as it happens while you drink a bottle.
  • Freedom of choice for the consumer, each chooses the wine he prefers to drink (white or red).
  • The wine always in perfect condition, no more open bottles or drink more than the bill. How many times doesn't open a bottle because it's too much?

Wine consumption in Spain has been falling year after year and even more among young people. With Kopita® new options to drink wine in moderation, complementary to the bottle appear, attracting and initiating the young people to the great wine culture of our country.

Kopita® wines are made exclusively for us, know more about them here.

To solve more doubts you can consult our FAQs or contact us, it will be a pleasure to help you.