Importers / Dealers

Our products are suitable for your local hotel, hotel, for those attending a festival, concert or outdoor event, for sports facilities, for your sales shelves, etc.

Offer your customers, guests or assistants a new product of quality, innovative and without competition, with which to achieve higher sales with high margins.

No need to use glasses (less crockery) and no loss of time to serve (less personal), in addition consumers can take the packaging to reuse.

It's distributed in boxes of 20 units (equals to 5 traditional bottles), weighs and occupies less space facilitating its storage, is not perishable and has a low cost.

In the following images you can see examples of how far Kopita® is able to reach:


If you are a distributor and are interested in our products, please contact us by email or the form. You can also contact our sales department by phone (+34 644 371 051 - Alfonso del Río)